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Southern Tier Cybersecurity offers the best cybersecurity training available in New York State.

Whether you’re looking for live classes or self-paced training courses, we offer a range of products and online classes to meet your needs. 
Equip and empower yourself and your team to combat digital threats proactively with our comprehensive training and certifications.
We offer products and training from CompTIA and EC-Council, which are the most respected cybersecurity and IT programs in the world. 
Cyber attacks are a major threat; with more being reported every year.
Cybersecurity certification ensures you’re prepared to defend against potential attacks. 

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About CompTIA Cybersecurity Courses

CompTIA is a powerful resource for more than 75 million professionals!

CompTIA is a powerful resource for more than 75 million professionals responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the world’s technology.

CompTIA offers training and certification on numerous technology topics, including cybersecurity, infrastructure, data and analytics, and more.

Everyone from successful Fortune 500 company leaders to small tech businesses have found CompTIA training to be invaluable.

This company has issued more than 2.5 million certifications and is focused on providing education and training to the next generation of technology professionals.

EC-Council was founded as a result of research following the September 11 attacks. The goal was to create IT security certification and training programs to defend against cyber attacks.  Today, EC-Council is the largest cybersecurity technical certification company in the world, operating in 145 countries.  More than 300,000 security professionals have received their certifications from EC-Council. The company’s certification programs are endorsed by the United States Government through the Montgomery GI Bill, the NSA, and the National Committee on National Security Systems.

At Southern Tier Cybersecurity, we recognize that everyone has a different learning style.  That’s why we offer both in-person, live classes and learn-at-your-own-pace courses. If you’re looking for instructor-led classes, check back to see our updated course calendar! Whether you’re planning to start a new IT career, or you want to ensure your team has the most up-to-date cybersecurity training, you’ll find everything you need at Southern Tier Cybersecurity.

Why Choose CompTIA Certifications and Training?

Did you know that…

  • More than 90% of employers feel that employees with IT certifications are great hires? 
  • More than 75% of IT professionals with CompTIA certifications are happy with their jobs? 
  • More than 80% of employers view IT certified employees as valuable for their companies?
  • According to the Dice Report, three of the Top 10 Certifications That Help IT Workers Get Jobs are available through CompTIA? 

CompTIA’s mission is: To deliver IT talent to the global workforce. If you’re looking for certifications that will give you a competitive edge in today’s job market, CompTIA has everything you need. 

CompTIA’s certifications don’t use vendor-specific technology. Instead, you’ll be training for the job roles you want based on the skills and competencies needed. 

You’ll be learning baseline skills that will allow you to easily learn and apply new information quickly as you grow in your career. 

And if you’re looking for career advancement opportunities, CompTIA offers training to differentiate you in a saturated and challenging modern job market.

About CompTIA Exams

CompTIA certifications are highly respected in the IT industry. Exams are designed to test your skills and ensure you’re prepared to be successful. Each question on CompTIA exams goes through a rigorous quality assurance process and receives a thorough psychometric statistical guarantee.  CompTIA certifications are ISO/ANSI accredited. CompTIA certifications are highly respected in the IT industry. Exams are designed to test your skills and ensure you’re prepared to be successful. Each question on CompTIA exams goes through a rigorous quality assurance process and receives a thorough psychometric statistical guarantee. CompTIA certifications are ISO/ANSI accredited. 

About EC-Council Exams

EC-Council is accredited by the American Council on Education, the ANSI National Accreditation Board, and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education.

Exams are challenging, but they are designed to ensure individuals possess the skills to identify and secure computer systems against potential and imminent threats.

Want to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)?

If so, EC-Council training and certification might be right for you. 
Check out these statistics from the C|EH Hall of Fame Report in 2023 

  • 95% of survey respondents stated that they chose C|EH because they desired to grow in their careers. 
  • 80% began their careers in cybersecurity with certification from EC-Council. 
  • 97% stated that C|EH labs are great examples of what to expect from actual cyber threats. 
  • 88% believe that C|EH is the most extensive ethical hacking program in the IT field. 
  • 92% of employers prefer job candidates with C|EH certifications when hiring for jobs requiring ethical hacking skills. 

Training from EC-Council offers comprehensive cybersecurity awareness solutions. It’s ideal for anyone in your organization, including part-time and full-time employees, and even temp workers and contractors. C|EH is a foundational certification for the cyber workforce of the U.S. Department of Defense. More than 1,200 global colleges and universities with science and cybersecurity programs rely on C|EH for backend content. EC-Council ensures individuals and teams learn the information and skills necessary to defend their company’s assets and protect them from loss and damages. 

Jobs in Need of Cybersecurity Professionals

The IT and cybersecurity industries are experiencing unprecedented job vacancies all over the world. 


In fact, right now there are close to 3 million job vacancies worldwide in cybersecurity and IT. 

There’s never been a better time to get started with training and certification if you’re interested in working in any of the following industries: 


  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Aerospace
  • Software
  • Engineering

Start Your Cybersecurity Training and Certification Journey Today!

The demand for elite cybersecurity and IT professionals is high! 
If you’re ready to give your career a boost, or you want to ensure your IT team has the most updated training and certifications available, Southern Tier Cybersecurity has everything you need. 
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